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Our Charbray herd originated from an excess of Brahman females. We then purchased Charolais Bulls from John Sullivan's Charolais Stud based at Condamine. Since this diversification in 1992, these offspring have excelled in all aspects.

Spenbar runs single sire herds for our Charolais Bulls crossing them with our red and grey Brahmans. We currently run approximately 200 Charbray cows using our current outside sires from Moongool, RNJ, Diamond L, Diamond Dove, Geneva, Tunas and  as well as our own sires.

The Charbray combines the hardiness, pest resistance, fat coverage and mobility of the Brahman breed and yet retains the softness, rapid weight growth, fertility and mothering ability of the Charolais.

The Charbray breed offers heavier weaning weights, good feed conversion, and carcases which are high yielding and suitable to all markets from local trade through to our export Japanese Ox market. Charbrays are a sort after breed whether it be stores, finished cattle, bulls or breeding females.

An example of Spender's commitment to the Charbray breed is its showing at the Harry Redford Show and Sale at Roma (August 2002) where Spenbar took out the following awards:-

  • First Trade Steers and Heifers.

  • Second in Trade Steers and Heifers.

  • Second in Heavy Steers.

  • Second in Heavy Heifers.



  • Our breeders have strong genetic backgrounds and have been chosen for their temperament, their ability to breed with ease of calving, and their mothering ability to produce strong offspring.




  • We look for a bull with testicles of a good size, an even shape and consistency.




  • When choosing a bull we give special attention to the feet, legs, shoulders, hocks, sheath and head. A bull that shows these features will be a bull that is mobile and alert. A bull that will get you cows pregnant and produce calves that meet your market requirements.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have bulls to suit your environment and your target markets.