Spenbar is operated over three rural properties in Queensland situated at Condamine, Glenmorgan on the western Darling Downs region & Clairview in the Capricornia region.

Condamine property "Benwerrin" is approximately 55km's south west of Miles and 21km's west of the township of Condamine. Spenbar settled in the area in 1988. “Benwerrin” is a freehold property of 4000 acres of which approximately 25% is used for the production of silage and hay for on property use. The arable country comprises melon hole Brigalow/Belah black soils approx 1200 acres is Belah Wilga type country with lighter brown/reddish sandy loam soils fully improved to buffel grass pasture.  The balance of the country running back to the Dogwood River boundary is lighter box country and improved mainly to buffel grass.


Late in 1997 we acquired "Kanandah" (Aboriginal for "Land where the sun sets") at Glenmorgan approximately 50km's from "Benwerrin". Today our stud breeders run on "Kanandah".
"Kanandah" with direct frontage to the Condamine River is currently being utilised as a breeding block and back grounding. The country comprises mostly open coolibah black soil flats along the Condamine River frontage which is separated by a stony Bendee Ridge to the country on the east which is primarily a mix of cleared brigalow red soils with intrusions of black soil with some regrowth, running back to the western section of open mixed brigalow, belah, box and wilga country. All paddocks are serviced by laneways and dams for easy maintenance. A strict selection criteria continues within the breeding regime to maintain a high quality productive herd of 400 stud and 500 commercial breeders. The need to meet ever changing market specifications is paramount.

In March, 2007 we purchased  “Clairview Station” St Lawrence.  A 10,000 acre working cattle station with superb water, double frontage to the Bruce Highway, 44 inch rainfall plus some, improved pastures of Rhodes, Pangola, Green Panic, Seca Stylo and Wynn Casia grasses. Vegetation comprises Blue Gum, Moreton Bay Ash, Poplar Gum, Tea tree Flats running to Narrow Leaf Iron Bark, Bloodwood hills. The property is an irregular shape and is severed by the main Bruce Highway. Spring Valley Road and the north coastal railway. There are two distinct hill/range systems in the southern sections of the property on each side of the main Bruce Highway. Action is taken to protect our environment with carbon storage in both our soils and natural bushland which meets the need of the world’s growing population; resulting in a sustainable food supply. Clairview Creek has permanent waterholes remaining in most seasons. Other feeder creeks have semi permanent surface water available. In addition to natural water, Clairview Station is watered from two equipped bores, creek pump and reticulation to tanks and troughs plus 12 dams and a weir situated on Clairview Creek.  The country type is coastal forest running from creek flats off Clairview Creek to the north to undulating and hilly iron bark forest in the southern sections. The land runs into an area of Marine Plains in the extreme eastern sections in where Clairview Creek is tidal. Located 200kms north of Rockhampton and 140kms south of Mackay. 40kms south of Carmilla, 10km's south of Clairview with 9km's of double frontage with all weather access.


Our stud Brahman herd was established in 1981 from a foundation of stud cattle from Lancefield, Apis Creek, Garglen and a J.D. Hudgins bull purchased from the Western Grazing dispersal. A solid base of the best genetics was formed for a long term impact on the Brahman breeding industry. Early in the 1990s we added a new direction when we purchased Charolais bulls, some of pure French genetics, to cross with our Brahman stud females. These first cross cattle take full advantage of hybrid vigour. We have established a 1000 head accredited feedlot to value add to all cattle sold off the property. These yards are EU accredited. Railway line and rubber belt troughing is used in the pens for maintenance free working. A 9 way draft off the crush and then a  laneway system for ease of access to feedlot all makes for stress free cattle. We support Brahman and Charbray society sales at Rockhampton and Roma. A large number of paddock bulls are sold to both repeat and new buyers.


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