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Spenbar Brahman Fertility

A few important things we look for are fertility, a bull with good size testicles, shape and consistency. A bull that will get your cows pregnant and calves that meet your market requirementsOurs 


Spenbar Brahman Guarentee

Guarentee: All stock are guarenteed breeders. If the breeding ability of any animal is questioned, the vendor must be notified within six (6) months of sale date. Any animal failing to breed will either be replaced or credit given to the value of the purchase price. The purchaser is responsible for any costs this process may incur.

Structural Soundness

Spenbar Structural Soundness

Structural soundness: bulls with structural soundness will have the following features attention to feet, legs, shoulders, hocks, sheath, mobility, alertness and good muscle. The animal should have all of these features.


Spenbar Brahman Genetics

Assessing his genetic package of make up will be passed on to his offspring. The bull’s suitable for your operation e.g females you want to retain for your own herd improvement and the suitability for your meat markets all important things to put on your list of requirements. We understand our clients demand bulls to suit all individual cases we are fully confident our Brahman and Charbray bulls have the positive weight gains and high yielding ability to suit your markets. We can help and give solutions for your environment and target market and also arrange your breeding solution with the highest possible returns.


Spenbar Brahman Health

Health – Spenbar is a T.B and BRUCELLOSIS free herd and operates in a tick free area which enables easy access to other states e.g. New South Wales. All bulls have been vaccinated with the following:

  • 3 germ tick blood

  • 7 in 1

  • Botulism

For all SEMEN enquiries, please contact Russell Curran 0427013178

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